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This is the kind of course that will get your reading abilities from good to great, from great to excellent. I'm excited by the prospect of all the great reading I'll be able to cover with the tools this course has taught me! -Eric W., Graphic Designer

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America’s #1 Speed Reading Expert and
Best-Selling Author
Abby Marks Beale

Why Would You Want to Learn Speed Reading from Me?

I have combined years of experience in course development and research of the best reading methods to come up with the most user-friendly speed reading programs.

For You This Means:

• You have the peace of mind in knowing that you are learning from a well-documented speed reading expert.

• You will be learning from a speed reading expert who has written, not one but two, best-selling books about speed reading: The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Speed Reading and 10 Days to Faster Reading.

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