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Rev It Up Reading Software CDSo much to read … so little time!

This speed reading course* (delivered on a computer DVD ) by Abby Marks Beale will have you reading faster in just 30 minutes, and increase your reading comprehension. You can easily double, even triple your reading speed the first time you use this software program. And you can use the software over and over to practice and improve your new skills.

(*This is NOT the online speed reading course though the content of this is incorporated into the online course.)

  • Do you wish you could read more in less time?
  • Are you overwhelmed with reading material?

This effective and engaging interactive speed reading course includes a speed reading test, so you can see your improvement after just one session.

“This is a wonderful investment for individuals and businesses; it isn’t expensive and it yields immediate benefits.”

– Bettie Corbin Tucker Author, book review and former publisher

Rev It Up Reading Speed Reading Software DVD uses sound, music, graphics and the latest methods in accelerated learning to enhance the learning experience and allow individuals to learn more easily and naturally. Learning has never been so much fun!

See results the first time you use the program!

Money back guarantee

Money back guarantee

Unlike other programs that can costs hundreds of dollars, Rev It Up Reading is designed to be efficient, to the point, and effective, so we don’t burden you with unnecessary volumes and extra cost.

Our money back guarantee: Use our software DVD  for 30 days. If you are not completely satisfied, return it to us in good condition for a full refund.

This interactive training program introduces you to Rev It Up Reading’s simple speed reading techniques for expanding your peripheral vision and moving your eyes in a directed patern across the lines and down the page. You can also use what you learn on the DVD to help you read text faster on-screen as well as on paper. Think about the time – and printing – you can save.

  • Are you overwhelmed with reading material and just can’t read it all?
  • Do you wish you could read more in less time?
  • Does your child’s school work suffer becuse of slow reading?
  • Are you a college student who is overwhelmed with reading-intensive courses?

You are not alone. Millions of people are suffering needlessly because of slow reading skills. Now, see how you can read faster in just 30 minutes with our software DVD training program.

Speed Reading Software Benefits:

  • Convenient, entertaining and effective format
  • Less time-consuming than a book
  • Addresses need for a faster, more efficient way to learn
  • Affordable and effective
  • Improves your personal productivity
  • Gives students a jump start for college
  • Helps solve ever-increasing information overload.

Price: $29.95

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